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Designing with an unwavering committment to effectiveness  

Life and Lingo is a digital-first solution embedded with a model that guides individuals on their emotional wellness journeys and complements existing interventions. We firmly believe that impactful outcomes arise from straightforward approaches, rather than complex ones. Additionally, the tool is designed with empowerment in mind -  providing support without prescribing "shoulds" or dictating how individuals navigate their path. To learn more about the science informing our model, click below.

The digital experience threads together a four-step process, with elements that can be delivered in an in-person setting for organizations who are structured to benefit most from a hybrid model.

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Expanding our vocabulary of emotions is essential to being able to communicate, understand, and recognize them. Additionally, emotion identification is often the precursor to regulation - the phase in which we can see most significant mental and emotional impacts. Life and Lingo's digital experience facilitates "emotion literacy" expansion.



Expressing emotions takes practice. Just like lifting weights, we must learn how to do it and have a space to exercise. There are numerous clinically substantiated reasons why writing - in any form - is a highly effective method for training expressiveness, exploring emotions, and supplementing talk therapy. That's why it's core to our digital experience.

Image by Suzanne D. Williams
Image by Sithamshu Manoj



While many feelings and emotions are universal, having a direct connection with another human sharing the same experience generates compassion and comfort. Given we are a digital-first solution, we are able to connect individuals to one another and share both anonymized or non-anonymized emotion explorations with curated peer groups.



"Closing the loop" on the emotion exploration process helps reinforce its benefits and can allow individuals to be more compassionate toward themselves while drawing closer to those around them. The final step of our digital model is a reflective phase, centered on collective dialogue. It is the phase that is most-often applied in-person.

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