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Supporting those making an impact

Life and Lingo is crafted for everyone, acknowledging the universal nature of the human experience. However, we primarily work with organizations and individuals currently extending emotional and developmental support - including wellness organizations, schools, and mental health providers. 

Whether your organization designs programming internally or through collaboration with community resources, Life and Lingo can be a powerful addition to support your objectives and provide value to the population you serve. Suitable for organizations serving youth, underserved communities, individuals with specific shared experiences or identities, and many more.

Client engagement can be difficult, and many individuals perceive talk therapy as an stress-inducing endeavor. Life and Lingo is not a therapy replacement, but rather a tool to help both providers and their clients exercise emotion expression, understanding, and communication to  

Emotional wellness and development in the early and adolescent years of life has lasting impact. Introducing a focused wellness model can support improved emotional growth and classroom engagement.

To explore how Life and Lingo could benefit those you support, reach out below!

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