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About Life and Lingo

Life and Lingo started in 2023 as a collection of conversations with friends and family prompted by the consideration of words found within John Koenig's The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrow's. After expanding emotion vocabularies, writing, and simply "having a conversation" illuminated substantial emotional benefits, the core model was extracted and formed into what Life and Lingo is today - a dynamic wellness model crafted to
elevate engagement with thoughts, feelings, and emotions to foster heightened emotional wellness, intelligence and resilience.

Life and Lingo exists to address four core problems:

1 / Understanding

Emotional wellness is not well understood in today's society. We feel conviction toward giving people a unique, interesting, and fun way to tap into their emotions and put them on the same pedestal as physical health.

2 / Isolation

Loneliness kills, quite literally. While we are not a social media platform, we provide a forum for close peers and complete strangers to find solidarity in shared experiences, feelings, and contribute to a pool of universal neologisms. 

3 / Stigma

Life and Lingo can't completely shift cultural norms. However, by taking a bottoms-up approach, we can work to dissolve stigmas and opposition to emotional wellness at the individual level - forming the opportunity for larger-scale societal shifts.

4 / Authenticity

Despite living in a digital age, few forums - and creative mediums - provide individuals with the proper conditions to be vulnerable for the purpose of emotional growth. 

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