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Mission and Values

The journey toward mental and emotional health can be challenging to navigate. Recognizing the difficulty in creating highly effective tools, we lean on a firm mission and core set of values to architect our tool.  

Image by Jeremy Cai


Life and Lingo is founded on the belief that the deliberate combination of creative expression and collective vulnerability can positively contribute to the journey of emotional wellness, resilience, and self-awareness. In a world characterized by increasing individualization, sociocultural barriers, and persisting stigma surrounding mental health, our mission is to construct a compelling, scientifically-informed platform for individuals to explore and articulate their emotions.


Community: Because we are innately social creatures, and communal foundations are critical to developing emotional well-being.

Compassion: Since improving our connection with others enhances our ability to connect with ourselves and our emotions. 

Resilience: Our emotional and mental health requires continuous attention and the resilience to acknowledge its importance in our lives. 

Self-Expression: Because creative outlets can have life-changing effects, and productive thought expression is a foundational stepping stone to lasting emotional health.

Image by Sergei Wing
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