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Language for Wellness

Life and Lingo is a digital wellness tool empowering individuals to explore, understand, and engage with their emotions. Leveraging outcomes of clinical research, our mission is to support individuals - and those who support them - on their path to emotional wellbeing. 

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Designed for Every Human

We're committed to building a natural and engaging way for everyone to work on achieving emotional wellness. In a world marked by growing loneliness and ongoing stigma surrounding both emotional and mental health, we aim to construct a compelling, scientifically-informed platform for individuals to explore and articulate their emotions.

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We exercise for physical health. It's time to exercise our emotional health, too.

Research shows poor emotional health can have greater impacts on our overall wellbeing than physical health. It's time to view it as something we must practice, exercise, and learn about - just like we do for our physical body.

Embracing the everyday

Emotional well-being is a unique journey for each individual. However, we firmly believe that impactful outcomes arise from elegantly straightforward approaches, rather than complex ones. That's why we combine three simple components: language, writing, and community.

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Identifying thoughts, feelings, and emotions is the foundation to mental wellness. Our model helps individuals exercise emotion identification and build flourishing semantic vocabularies.


Written word is proven to have profound effects as a standalone tool, and as a  supplement alongside others. We dissolve many barriers to engagement through this creative medium.


Humans are social creatures, and solidarity is found within shared experiences.

The numbers are clear. We don't just need more. We need more effective.


The global population, and the number of individuals who can benefit from exercising, and improving, their emotional health.


Estimated number of individuals for every one mental health provider. Community organizations, clinical providers, and other support systems do incredible work, but there's opportunity to amplify the benefits delivered to those they support.


The percent of adults with mental illness who did not receive treatment. Emotional health sits upstream of mental illness, and along with a need for improved access, this figure highlights the need for more engaging forms of support that don't always feel like treatment. 

Who We Help

Life and Lingo is designed for everyone, recognizing the universal human experience. We partner with mission-aligned organizations looking to maximize the effectiveness of the mental and emotional support delivered to the individuals they work with.

Youth Conference


For organizations looking to amplify the value of existing wellness programs

Attentive Therapist


To help providers strengthen client relationships, diversify therapeutic approaches, and extend talk-therapy benefits

A Girl in a Classroom


Providing youth with a tool to guide them through the critical periods of emotional development

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